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HC: Daughter in law can't claim Right to Live in In-laws house

Daughter in law can't claim Right to Live in In-laws house : Delhi H.C.

Posted on : 04 October 2008 by SANJAY DIXIT

Justice S N Dhingra of Delhi High Court has held that the old parents whose relations with their son and daughter-in law turn sour have every right to show them the door and the daughter-in law cannot claim any right to stay in their house claiming to be having a legal right to live in the matrimonial home.

In the present case, an old couple staying in Ashok Vihar filed a suit in the Delhi High Court stating that their daughter-in-law forcibly wants to stay in their house whereas she has her own house in Rohini.

The daughter-in-law Neetu Mittal referred to the protection of women from domestic violence act and claimed right to live in the Ashok Vihar house stating the 'right to live in the Matrimonial home.' The Court observed that the parents who are ill and suffering from various ailments have every right to live peacefully.

The Court held that once a person gains maturity, parents have no liability to sustain him. It is a different thing that out of love and affection parents can support the son but there is no legal liability on them. The Court dismissed the daughter-in-law's claim of the right to live in the matrimonial home of the parents and held the rights of the parents above her rights.

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